monostatic radar cross section (RCS) ... You can paste the full code into your Matlab command window. % anonymous functions for radius and its 1st and 2nd derivatives:
The radar cross section is defined as the ratio of the power reflected back to the radar to the power density incident on the target, P 2 σ = -----r m PD (1.50) where P r is the power reflected from the target. Thus, the total power delivered to the radar signal processor by the antenna is P t Gσ P Dr = -----2- A e 2 ( 4πR ) (1.51)
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The second edition built on this successful format by rearranging and updating topics and code. Reorganized, expanded, and updated, Radar Systems Analysis and Design Using MATLAB®, Third Edition continues to help graduate students and engineers understand the many issues involved in radar systems design and analysis.