6.0L VG Turbo Rebuild. Page 3 of 5. 15) Mark a reference line on the back plate to the center spool using a marker. Ensure you get the groove in the spool cleaned out properly. A scribe is useful in removing the debris in the groove. Re-install the plate with new screws provided in the kit.
Is it time to rebuild your Z32 VG30DE (TT) engine? We have compiled a rebuild package that will allow you to build your engine to what ever RWHP you choose. Why buy the kits from other companies that have a fraction of the parts you need to do a proper rebuild? Included in the kit.
Aug 30, 2017 · Disconnect the Turbo wiring from the truck, this will set a code it's ok. Plug in your reset tool to the turbo, then connect power to the arduino board. After 5-10 seconds you should head the turbo cylce the vane position slowly. Once The turbo comes to rest it is done. Disconnect the arduino and plug the truck back into the turbo .
Manual transmission Mitsubishi rebuild kits and parts to help you with manual transmission issues. Having difficulties with your Mitsubishi manual transmission, need rebuild kit or parts? We provide a complete line of manual transmission parts, rebuild...