$ node mailconnector.js (省略) SERVER: A4 NO [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Invalid credentials (Failure) Invalid Credentialとのこと。 調査をしていたらgmailのアカウントロックされているとかあったが、どうも当てはまらない。
Multiple or Repeated Login Screens or Password Prompts; User Interface. Folders in Italics Cannot be Edited or Deleted; Gmail and the Bcc Header; Combining RSS Feeds into a Single RSS Folder; All Folders appear as subfolders under the Inbox; Does Postbox support custom key mappings in macOS? No Unread Count Indicator for Gmail Folders or Labels
LoginError: b '[AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Invalid credentials (Failure)' I then got an email saying that a sign-in attempt was blocked. When I visited the link in the email and pressed "yes, that was me", it said this: