FREE parking nearby. We also offer a parcel courier service. Just tell us where you'd like your parcel collecting from: your work, home or wherever you'd like! Includes £20 FREE parcel cover*. We can also arrange for a friendly, local parcel courier to collect your parcel from you if it's more convenient.
Welcome to MAIL ORDER GEMS.COM. WE ARE STILL SHIPPING ORDERS EVERY DAY DURING THIS DIFFICULT TIME. MOST ORDERS ARE SHIPPED WITHIN 24 HOURS. We would like to thank our thousands of repeat customers for their overwhelming support and we welcome all new customers to please give us a try - you will NOT be disappointed!
You get important mail in your mailbox – IRS and tax notices, DL/passport renewals, credit/debit cards, Insurance paperwork, INS info, bills/checks etc. Maybe you also get business mail. With US Global Mail, your mail will not get lost or stolen or misdelivered to your neighbors. Read how we ensure the security and safety of your mail.
Free 90 DAy Storage. Customer can store each package for free for a period of 90 days from the date of delivery. Free Package Consolidation. Select to combine multiple boxes in one box & save up to 85% on shipping cost, at NO additional charge. Free Repackaging