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You don’t need to reroll to have a viable GO account, though. It’s important to remember that with investment and planning, several of the Friend Point characters are capable of clearing extremely difficult content. This tier list helps you aim for the smoothest and easiest time catching up and transitioning to current content.
Hero Cantare Tier List taken from a Korean website, and created by 하트리스. We still don't know if all heroes available in Global after release. I think Noblesse will be added later in the global version. Maze = Labyrint. It's available for guild members.
FGO Reroll Tier List [5/11 updated!] Fate Grand Order how to reroll, best characters to get, reroll tier list. [US] Fate Grand Order ... Zhuge Liang or Jeanne d'Arc will be the first ★5 servant to aim to get. They are top servants still in JP version due to their very versatile skills/NPs. Note that you can't pull a 5★ servant from the ...