Direct Object Pronouns (DOP) and Indirect Object Pronouns (IOP). These exercises are for the beginner to early intermediate Spanish learner. Packet includes: 1. 1 page tutorial on Spanish direct object pronouns and examples 2. exercise to substitute direct object pronouns into sentence.
Storyboard Description Direct and indirect object pronouns with infinitives and participles in Spanish Storyboard Text Before conjugated verb Sí, se los voy a dar. When there is a direct or indirect object pronoun, these go between the adverb nunca' or jamás and the verb, examples
As in the second example, it is common to use both an indirect object pronoun (les) and an indirect object noun (los turistas) in the same sentence. Once the meaning of the indirect object pronoun is clear the indirect object noun can be dropped. There are some general rules for using indirect object pronouns: 1.
If something answers the questions what or who, then it is the direct object and not the indirect object. (see more about the direct object pronouns). Take into account that some Spanish verbs like mirar (meaning to look at ), esperar (meaning to wait for ) and buscar (meaning to look for ) take a direct object pronoun because the Spanish ...