Apr 18, 2017 · The abuse of a parent by a child often goes unreported due to several factors. Perhaps a parent being harassed by a child is too embarrassed to bring the abuse to light. However, whenever a child or teen intentionally harms a parent, either with words or blows, it qualifies as parent abuse.
Some people advise telling a child who repeatedly asks why the suicide happened that the parent had something wrong with their brain (depression, mental illness) that made them feel suicide was ...
Apr 28, 2013 · In California, seeking a second opinion for your child might just end up in a CPS home invasion.This what one couple experienced after attempting to bring their child to another medical doctor for a second opinion following failed and improper treatment of a potentially serious condition, all it takes is one angry healthcare provider in order to lose your child to a CPS home raid.
The Infinite Campus Portal (also known as the “Parent Portal”) is an essential tool for every family. It allows parents and students to: • See progress reports, report cards, and student grades for every assignment as well as up-to-date averages for every course, as well as missing assignments. • See student attendance and absences.