Classes will be held virtually on Zoom. Information to join is located in Google Classroom. Be prompt and on time to class! I’m looking forward to teaching you all this school year & learning from you as well :)
Welcome to the Honors Natural Science series. The branch of science you will explore the term is biology, and the theme for this term is the History of Science. We will examine the major themes in modern biology and explore and their historical origins in order to develop a stronger understanding of the nature of science. Class expectations
, Biology Fast Facts 50+ courses we offer in an academic year 650+ students majoring in our department 70+ publications over the past 3 years 40+ presentations over the past 3 years , CCNY faculty are on the cutting edge of research in topics as diverse as global biodiversity, genetic links between diabetes and Alzheimer's disease, or how the immune system fights pathogens.. CCNY faculty are ...
Senior biology majors only (first or second majors). Required of all candidates for Highest Honors or Honors. Can be taken in either the fall or spring semester of their senior year. Approval of the Biology Honors Director required. Permission of a faculty research director and three credit hours of BIOL 395 in the same laboratory required.