(a) (i) What is the general name given to the elements located between Group 2 and Group 13? (ii) State three special properties of the elements name in (a)(i). (b) Which element exists as (i) a giant molecule (ii) a diatomic gas (iii) monoatomic gas (c) Arrange K, Na and Cl in descending order of atomic size. Explain your answer briefly.
May 09, 2018 · The electronegativity trend reflects the fact that the electronegativity value of an atom increases as you move left to right across a section of elements. Electronegativity also decreases as you move down a group in the table, from top to bottom. Notable exceptions to the electronegativity trend include Ianthanides, actinides, and noble gases.
Thematic elements contribute little to the meaning of the utterance as they reflect what has already been communicated: they have the lowest degree of Words in an English sentence are arranged in a certain order, which is fixed for every type of the sentence, and is therefore meaningful.
Periodic Table: the table showing the elements in order of increasing proton number; similar elements are arranged in columns called groups. Group: A vertical column of elements in the Periodic table. Period: A horizontal row of the Periodic Table; its number tells you how many electron shells there are.